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Any Good Reason To Use Xp ?


Why pay a mint for Windows of the Month when I don't need it. Forget about Windows 7, Vista or even XP which might have offered a bit more security. It's another way XP saves you money.5. After a while people get tired of it.

Apple understand UI and how it affects society. I have Norton/Symantec anti virus on it and I have no problems. Maybe you’re not sure why you should upgrade to a newer operating system. Windows XP System Pack 2 was discontinued and extended support stopped as of July 2010, with XP System Pack 3 extended support ending as of April 2014.

Best Windows Xp Version

Design of the OS I’m using often directly influences my design as a — for fun — web developer. WTF does IIS and Apache servers have to do with XP? The OS has now been around for 14 years, it has been the target of cyberattacks, and been patched up countless times.

October 24, 2011 carol I don't care about games…my only concern is, will MS Security Essentials protect XP or not? Stop It, Dummy By Angela Moscaritolo July 15, 2015 11:10am EST 10 Comments Microsoft on Tuesday finally stopped providing antimalware signatures for Windows XP. You can only patch and update an OS for so long, though! Windows Xp Is The Best Os Ever XP has been around for nearly a decade, making it a senior citizen in computer years.

In fact, I read both articles. Why Is Windows Xp Still So Popular It's a great oversimplification when people suggest that the reason Windows has had astronomically higher incidences of viruses and vulnerabilities is because it has a larger user base. Security holes are the primary reason for updates for all OS’s. http://gizmodo.com/5387823/7-reasons-to-stick-with-windows-xp The scanner I would like to get was discontinued some years ago.

Image Credit: jacinta lluch valero on Flickr, Martin Abegglen on Flickr Previous PostDeskman: The Advanced Desktop Security Manager For Restricting Access To PC SettingsNext PostPlan Ahead: The 5 Programs That Will I Still Use Windows Xp Maintenance is also a breeze, unlike Linux that gacks on even the tiniest update. Any holes that anyone may have found since it's demise still exist! If one goes down the other just steps in without missing a beat.

Why Is Windows Xp Still So Popular

Please try again. Microsoft says so. Best Windows Xp Version Patched or not, XP is more vulnerable than anything else in the market, the two supported versions of Windows included. Is Windows Xp Good For Gaming Tim Rains, director of Trustworthy Computing for Microsoft, has warned Windows XP users of another potential concern.

If we have to stick to Windows (how ever ridiculous that is) I would rather have XP then any other Windows simply because it is cheaper, smaller and works relatively good Windows has astronomically high compromise rates because Microsoft has always considered security an afterthought to development. Because XP is so old (10 years as of August 2011) malicious developers have had more time to create software targeting it, and while Microsoft has been able to patch some It'l like trying to fix a 1960's stove sure I can make it work, but whats the point. Still Using Windows Xp 2016

In a world where the fifth major update to the iPhone has just been released, nobody should be left using an operating system that pre-dates the first iPod. Microsoft may be doing great on technology but changing the UI is like rebranding your company. blog comments powered by Disqus //Most Popular Articles 19 Hidden Roku Tricks for Streaming Success The Lost World of Early Nintendo Consoles Why Trump Has the Tech World Nervous Everything Leaving Absolutely not - but compared to systems running XP there is no competition.

The fact is that Windows is predominant ONLY in the desktop/tower PC, Laptop, notebook, and (big parts of) the tablet computing sector. Windows Xp Vs Windows 10 October 24, 2011 Brian Mills While I appreciate the author's sincere concern for the security of the How-To Geek's readers' computers, I found this article somewhat disappointing. Windows XP will one day be what Windows 98 is today — an old, incompatible, insecure operating system.

It was all "under the hood" improvements that impressed me.

Chrome has enough browser support for features to last many years before developers push the bounds of the browser support offered by v49.x of Chrome.If you have the choice, do not Dan Worth @danworthV3 15 August 2016 Tweet Facebook Google plus Send to 0 Comments IT'S NOW OVER TWO YEARS since Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP, When you get hacked (and it's only a matter of time), do you think you'll actually see a guy like in the movie Tron or something? Windows Xp Free Download Full Version Pretty much the only thing my old computer can do in windows that it can't do in Linux is stream netflix, but there are alternatives for that too.

Most Windows applications will work just fine on Windows 8. Microsoft on Tuesday finally stopped providing antimalware signatures for Windows XP. ofcourse windows made something newer cause they implemented more this and that…. The operating system was the first Microsoft offering to be aimed at both the consumer and business markets, ensuring that it combined reliability with ease of use.

October 24, 2011 curleb And yet the corporate landscape is riddled w apps that need WinXPsp3 on life-support… October 24, 2011 ben Yeah, but then what will I do about my Australia October 24, 2011 Cerveza What is MS doing about supporting Netbeui for Vista and Win7? Image Credits: Trash by Bastian, available under Creative Commons. 1940 Ford DeLuxe convertible by Stephen Foskett, available under GNU license. Crashes my games like every 2 hours.