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On the AOL toolbar, click the Read icon. 3. How do I determine the version of my AOL Desktop Software? If you see a flashing tab, click it. Here's what I did to export my mail from my AOL Personal Filing Cabinet into files of .mbox format - the email export format provided by PFC Viewer, a format which,

Right-click the appropriate Username that has no extension after it, and then click Copy. 8. Given below are some solutions for the issue. AOL Desktop 9 Close the AOL Desktop application. In the Subject box, type PFC.13. https://help.aol.com/articles/aol-desktop-software-managing-your-personal-filing-cabinet

Open Pfc Files Without Aol

The only limitation is that distribution lists will not be converted from your address book. However, PFC files are meant to store email messages but not the corresponding attachments. How do I save an email message to my Personal Filing Cabinet? WOW!

But maybe I'm wrong.) First, in Windows, before even opening PFC Viewer, I went to this folder path: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\AOL\C_America Online 9.0\organize That link isn't meant to be Close the AOL Desktop. 2. this would have taken me hours! Aol System Information Double-click the organize folder. 7.

Right-click the Organize folder, and then click Copy.6. ePreserver can convert PFC files and can convert email from www.aol.com even if you do not have AOL installed. Can I move emails from Saved on my PC to Saved on AOL? https://help.aol.com/articles/personal-filing-cabinet-pfc-is-missing-or-empty Click Save.

When finished, continue from Step 5.5. How To Export Aol Email Folders Doubler-click the folder named with your AOL screen name followed by ".mail". Click Compact Now. 5. If you no longer want a particular folder in your Filing Cabinet, you can delete it.Delete a folder from your Filing Cabinet using all versions of the AOL software:1. On the AOL

Aol Pfc File Converter

Convert your AOL favorites to Internet Explorer. see here These folders represent two different approaches to email storage and offer a powerful, yet flexible, way to manage your email.The emails saved in the Saved on My PC folder are saved on your Open Pfc Files Without Aol Click Save.Note:​ To manually restore your PFC, check our help article Manually restore the PFC - Windows 10/8/7/Vista. Export Aol Email To Hard Drive The AOL System Information 2.0 window will appear. IMPORTANT: If the AOL System Information window doesn't appear, check the Windows taskbar for a flashing tab.

For example, when you first install AOL 9.5, the folder C_AOL 9.5 is created. Anyone who feels they are locked into AOL, now there is a quick and easy solution to move to a new email client. An account may have multiple screen names and/or may be used on multiple computers. Locate the AOL icon next to the clock, in the bottom right corner of the screen.9. Backup Aol Desktop

Double-click the organize folder. 7. Right-click the appropriate Username that has no extension after it, and then click Copy and close the window. 8. How I Used PFC Viewer to Export My Mail PFC Viewer is a pretty intuitive, uncluttered, easy to use program. This was a snap! All rights reserved MenuAOL Help SearchSearch for your questionSearchSearchAOL HelpSearch for your questionSearchSearch My AccountSign OutSign InMy AccountBack Help MainAOL's All-In-One Desktop SoftwareMerge Personal Filing Cabinet - Windows 10/8/7/VistaAOL's All-In-One Desktop

Click the Search Mail tab.2. How To Save Aol Mail To Computer If you see a flashing tab, click it. All I can say is thanks for a truly outstanding utility. -- Richard (from New Jersey) Customer Service Check Order Status Request a Refund Find your registration code Technical Support View

has instructions on how to check the version of the AOL Desktop Software that you are using.

To manually restore your PFC in Windows 7/Vista: 1. Thank you for signing up. While you are holding down the Windows key go ahead and tap on the R key on your keyboard. A window named Run should appear on your screen. Download Aol Emails To Computer Click the Manage Saved Mail drop-down menu, and the click Compact. 4.

Remember the folder that is highlighted (e.g., in the image given below, the C_AOL 9.5b folder is highlighted). 5. Close all open windows. 14. If you would like your email folders organized, please create folders under Saved on AOL, and access your emails through AOL Mail. Double-click the organize folder.11.

Please enter a valid email address. Double-click the C_AOL Desktop #.#x folder above the one that is highlighted in the image given above.Note: (#.# is the version of AOL Desktop installed on your computer and x is a letter Click the Save in drop-down menu, click Desktop, and then click Save.6. Under Saved on My PC, right-click the folder that you want to save and then click Save Folder As.4.

If ePreserver asks you for your screen name, just click Cancel. I'm using Java Version 6, Update 20. Click the X in the upper right to close the Filing Cabinet or Mailbox window. It mostly worked for me on Windows XP way back in 2010, and someone said in a comment on someone's blog that it worked for them on a Mac.

I just made that into a link so you could more easily copy and paste it, by right-clicking on it and selecting "Copy Link Location" (in Firefox), or "Copy Link Address" If prompted, click Yes to confirm the file replacement.13. On the AOL toolbar, click the Read icon.3. If a backup copy is unavailable but you have an older copy of the PFC on your computer, you can use this copy to restore your PFC.

ePreserver copies your AOL filing cabinet, so no change is made to any of your AOL data. Your original information in AOL will not be changed in any way. With your unbelievable, completely automated, amazing software, the process was accomplished in a few seconds with one click! If you would like to restore your personal filing cabinet from a backup, please refer to our online help article Manually restore the PFC - Windows 10/8/7/Vista.

The "pfcview.jar" download isn't available from Archive.org, but, I still have a copy of it, and PFC Viewer is under the MIT license, so I'm allowed to make it available here: If you see a flashing tab, click it. The inline attachments of AOL emails are stored in a 64 bit encoded structure. Retrieved May 28, 2010.

It converted AOL folders and files that I needed in Outlook even though I continue to use AOL. Back to Top Did you find this information helpful?YesNoJul 13, 2016 Print Images OffImages On Change Text Size©2017 AOL Inc. Converts HTML email, text email, attachments, and all headers.