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What should I do? Restart the computer: If you haven't recently restarted your computer or you don't restart your computer very often, we recommend that you restart the computer. If it's not, please continue to the next solution until the problem is fixed.  1. For instructions on how to change your password or ASQ, refer to the following help article: Account Management: Managing your AOL Password.

For instructions on how to check whether your computer meets the system requirements specified below, please read our help article How do I determine whether my computer meets the system requirements? If no, skip to Install the AOL software using aolback.exe. 9. If you change or cancel your current AOL membership plan, you may no longer by eligible for the AOL VIP service. Once these programs are closed, try uninstalling the AOL Desktop Software from the Control Panel by following the instructions given in our help article How do I uninstall the AOL Desktop https://help.aol.com/articles/aol-desktop-software-troubleshooting

Aol Desktop 10

What if AOL Desktop 9.0vr won’t install? Install the latest AOL Desktop software updates 1. Note: Windows 2000, ME or 98SE users, please visit our help article Installing AOL Desktop 9.0vr. 2.

If they don't match, please take the time to install the latest AOL Desktop software updates. 5. Next you'll be prompted to shut down any AOL applications you have open. Once installation completes, AOL Desktop will run. 17. Aol Desktop For Mac If you are using an older version of the AOL Desktop software, you will be presented with the AOL Software Update message to install an AOL Desktop software update. 3.

For questions about your AOL account, please call anytime between Monday through Friday between 8AM and 1AM ET and Saturday between 8AM and 10PM ET. [1] Should you change or Aol Desktop Won't Open Look for a folder named “Documents” or “Shared Documents” and double-click to open it. 6. If you find multiple folders, double-click the folder that was modified most recently (the folder(s) name will be in numbers). 10. After trying the first solution, check whether you can uninstall the AOL Desktop Software.

Double-click AOL Downloads. 10. Aol Desktop Not Opening Windows 10 The AOL Desktop installer will launch and begin downloading necessary files for installation. Double-click on your local hard drive (usually named "c:\"). 3. Restart the computer If you haven't recently restarted your computer or you don't restart your computer very often, we recommend that you restart the computer.

Aol Desktop Won't Open

Click Run again. Note: If you are using Windows Vista/7, click Continue. 5. https://help.aol.com/ To review your service and software benefits, go to http://mybenefits.aol.com Are you having trouble connecting to the internet? Aol Desktop 10 Windows 8/7/VistaWindows XP/2000/Me/98 Did you find this information helpful?YesNoDec 12, 2016 Print Images OffImages On Change Text Size©2017 AOL Inc. Aol Desktop Not Opening The first screen only allows screen name selection and, upon clicking Continue, the second window provides a text entry box for the password.Note: By checking the Save Password and Auto sign on checkboxes you can skip the

To do so, you will need to remember the answer to your Account Security Question (ASQ) to be able to change your password. This helps clear the internal memory (RAM), which often resolves many issues. 2. If you are still unable to uninstall the AOL Desktop, continue using the suggested solutions until the problem is fixed. To learn how to purge the artwork database, please visit our help article Clear AOL Artwork Database. Aol Uninstaller

If you are unsure about the drive(s) in your computer, please contact your computer manufacturer. If you are using Windows Vista, click the Location drop-down menu to open it, and then choose Local Hard Drives (C:) from the list by clicking it. To do this, click Continue Install. Once you've chosen an option, click Continue. 6.

Note: Some services are only available to members with paid plans. Aol Sign In Problems Today If it still does not match, please repeat this entire process. Windows 8/7/VistaWindows XP/2000/Me/98 Contact your computer manufacturer or a local technician If you have tried all the solutions above, the problem may not be with the AOL Desktop Software.

To reach an Assist Technician, go to https://assist.aol.com/ or Call 1(855) 718-2781.

As a member of the AOL VIP program, you can enjoy the following benefits: Your AOL VIP # will move you quickly through to a special, skilled AOL VIP Representative, saving IMPORTANT: If you have saved your AOL password on the AOL Desktop Software, ensure that you remember the password before you perform the steps given below as uninstalling the AOL Desktop As a member of the AOL VIP program, members get priority access to the best customer service. Download Aol 9.7 Old Version Upgrading to the latest version of the AOL Desktop Software should fix the problem, while also providing you with an enhanced online experience, with the distinct classic feel of the AOL

After selecting an option, click Continue. 7. Did you find this information helpful?YesNoSep 7, 2016 Print Images OffImages On Change Text Size©2017 AOL Inc. Refer to our help article Enable only essential startup programs to close all the other programs that may be running on your computer. If you don't already have a version of the AOL Desktop software on your computer, select Install New Version.

Did you find this information helpful?YesNoJan 17, 2017 Print Images OffImages On Change Text Size©2017 AOL Inc. Enter your Screen Name and Password and click Next. Download from our alternate location 1. Sign in to AOL Desktop and then sign off.

Let the computer manufacturer or technician know details about the issue. On the Let's Get Started window, select Use your existing AOL Screen Name. 18. Make sure to save any documents or files you have open, and then click Restart. 9. Compacting and then restoring the PFC will regroup the emails and make your PFC readable.

AOL VIP is our way of saying thank you to our most valued AOL members. Look for a folder named “AOL Downloads” and double-click to open it. 4. The new AOL Desktop does not provide dial-up internet connectivity and can only be used if you already have a broadband internet connection. MenuAOL Help SearchSearch for your questionSearchSearchAOL HelpSearch for your questionSearchSearch My AccountSign OutSign InMy AccountBack Help MainAOL's All-In-One Desktop SoftwareAOL Desktop Software: TroubleshootingAOL's All-In-One Desktop Software — Jul 14, 2016AOL Desktop

We offer email, chat, social, and phone support. Visit http://discover.aol.com/products-and-services/aol-desktop-for-windows​. 2. Review your selected settings. 9. AOL members who are eligible for the AOL VIP service will be automatically enrolled in the AOL VIP Program and notified by AOL informing them of their eligibility.

You may not be able to print from within the new AOL Desktop because of a faulty printer, corrupted files associated with the printer, conflicting programs, or an outdated driver.If you The instructions to delete the AOL folders differ depending on the version of Windows installed on your computer. Double-click waol-x.xxxx.xx.x, and then follow the on-screen instructions to install the AOL software. Install the AOL Desktop Software using aolback.exe The installation file (aolback.exe) will install the version of Click Yes.