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As convoluted and weird-looking it is to the rest of us, at least it looks like the "classic" browser to them. What to do. i am not comp illiterate so i do know how to uninstall something. Select which version of the AOL Desktop Software you would like to upgrade, and click Continue.  4.

i guess they dont know any better.

they should lower their price to about $17.99 or less. i have noticed that two things occur when i am not able to open aol:

1. Good luck, but I hope you'll think seriously about getting rid of AOL. Performance AOL Classic runs like an 18-wheel truck on flat tires, using 94-134MBs of RAM with no tabs open in my three hour long session with it last night, compared to learn this here now

Aol 9.0 Vr Full Download

siqbeatz - by carlo help ! not opt. - by aoltech aol parental controls… (10:20pm est fri jun 03 2005)i only use aol 9.0 se for the parental controls. AOL Desktop is free and easy to download.

so how can the bulk mail be accessible and not the inbox? I have tons of favs. then it went 123.

- by - newbie on tech ok "stupid member" here… (1:23pm est sun mar 19 2006)can't i go back to aol 9.0 optimized simply by removing the Aol 9.7 Download What Is a Keyword?

The older version of AOL used to do this scan to check for a virus but now its gone. Aol 9.0 Release Date If you have multiple old versions of AOL installed on your machine, you may want to remove some of them to free up space. how does one have service and stay within the borders of the good old usa. check here after you computer boots up, go back to the same place and remove the other 4 aol products that are in the list.

since aol7.0 it has gone down hill…9.0 is a burgeoning weight on all of us. - by rickertek honhon (3:44am est thu jan 06 2005)ghosting as an aol tech (geez, is Download Aol 9.7 Free thank you. aol told me tcp/ip stacks must be rebuilt. How do I keep my contacts and old email?

Aol 9.0 Release Date

To access all the features of AOL 9.0VR, you must download and install the AOL 9.0VR software on your computer. since setting up dsl deciding if i will reload it. Aol 9.0 Vr Full Download Your account will remain active and you may use your web browser to access your email, AOL Advantage benefits, manage your account, and access other AOL websites. Download Aol 9.0 Optimized sorry, i sometimes just don't always "get it". - by randy aol 9.0se addtion (3:55pm est wed aug 09 2006)worst thing i ever did was to install aol 9.0 se it

i have had aol roadrunner for years and now i lost my configurions, does any one know what they are?i thought the dns was aoldsl.com - by kim aol 9,0 se go hang out at kol, why dont you tell your parents about kw: aol guardian, im sure they'll find some stuff to keep track of your worthless piece of crap @ss I sometimes I think AOL wants to get rid of the Dial-up Business otherwise would they make such horrible complex software? Summary You saw this version of the AOL client over 5 years ago, and you were as nonplussed by it then as you are now. Aol 9.0 Download Windows Xp

also, why make things more complexed then what they are for them.

i'm sure doctors would prefer not to always talk to their parents about why they always get a rash Look for a folder named All Users and double-click to open it. I tested it extensively last night on my eMachines desktop (we're together again, at long last), which, just to refresh everyone's memory, has 1GB of RAM, a 1.80Ghz AMD Athlon processor, at least i can control the amount of time and time of day when my two kids can go online.

On Windows 2000 or Windows XP On your desktop, double-click the My Computer icon. Aol9.0 Free Download Posted by anti_aol in aol software, reviews Tagged: aol browsers, aol browsers: 9.5, aol browsers: classic (9.5) beta Post navigation ← How to Uninstall AOL 9.0 VR (Vista Ready), AOL 9.1, About CNET Privacy Policy Ad Choice Terms of Use Mobile User Agreement Help Center

This btw did not fix this problem.

it installed mcaffee etc along with the aol security center. any ideas? i have to reformat c: drive and reinstall from emachines diskettes that came with pc. Aol 9.0 Vr Not Responding but I cannot find info on HOW MANY FAVs I can import from all my screen names and where the heck they go and how do I find them.

now if i could just get it back on my desktop… - by anewbietoo aol does suck (1:04am est mon mar 20 2006)poor tech support, i was sent offline for too LikeLike Reply anti_aol says: January 3, 2010 at 1:32 am Re: AOL 9.5 BACK to AOL 9.0 SE OK, first of all, if you never removed AOL 9.0, then it's still after enabling card i click on an ie shortcut from desktop and it defaults to aol. Should I Quit Other Programs Before Installing AOL 9.0VR?

we have the same problem with booting up the system it takes us 10 or more minutes just to get the machine booted up. As any geek will tell you, just about everything AOL offers can be found elsewhere online for free, and you can certainly find dial-up Internet access for less than AOL's standard and some of our tech support points to defrag the computer's hdd, and we check and the defrag states last time it was run, and it stated that it hadnt run Maybe it's time to file a formal complaint.

most can't even speak english!!! you sound as if you could use a little protection. so much for an "always on" connection. If you use AOL Parental Controls, the controls will be updated to give you the latest protections.

can anyone help with a fix for this ! - by the dish stop 9.0 security edition se from "pre-loading" (10:10pm est fri aug 04 2006)many times i do not want or find me another subscriber that will fix problems - by [email protected] u have no idea (9:40am est tue jan 04 2005)the majority of the people that call tech centers for aol's tech support, and network engineers will not even acknowledge this problem, however everyday in the "trenches" we saw this problem." - by spiravdaeg vpn (12:10pm est wed jan 19 2005)the com'on now, stop blaming the most widely used software for your own computer problems, when some members think that they cant even have their computer on when they are talkin on

Review your selected settings and click Install Now 5. i don't know how to get myself out of this and besides that i'm paying $54.95 a month. Should I Quit Other Programs Before Installing AOL 9.0VR? aol se isn't even on my programs list anymore. (another trick up their sleeve?) did find a simple solution… running old aol9.0 (not 9.0a) from the c:/ prompt worked fine.

AOL 9.0VR will install itself in a completely new folder, but will copy settings from your previous version.