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Anyone Else A Beta Tester For Office 2007 And Having Some Minor Problems?

Over the preceding several months, many of those people have provided Microsoft with feedback about the new UI and the new capabilities in the software suite formerly known as Microsoft Office Some of these types of issues cannot be avoided. I do miss my XP Professional. The new file formats are not proprietary; they are available on a royalty-free basis to any user. this contact form

Compatibility checker Compatibility checker is a dialog box that appears when there are features in a document that would be lost or degraded, either when a document is saved in an While its improved somewhat in my experience, its something that needs to be improved quite a bit more. To compare one of the most hyped Linux distributions and the long awaited Vista. We wouldn't want Microsoft to have to disable comments on their blog would we? https://www.knowbrainer.com/forums/forum/textthread.cfm?catid=4&threadid=22936

The Navigation Pane also has a habit of moving. The user has disabled compatibility checking in the document. At midnight it stopped working Avast.com They will provide a free AV+ that is for Vista. Some are doing the same thing now as then as they say they cannot make drivers for old products and are concentrating on just new products.

Reply Jodie Hayes says: June 13, 2006 at 2:29 am Don't get me wrong . I suggest saving yourself the hassle by ordering the DVD. MANY reasons why I didn't want Vista: bloat; expense; and DRM which seem to be equivalent to buying a car whose brakes are programmed to fail if you default on the Reply Sidebar Geek says: June 12, 2006 at 11:37 pm Jodie, you may have damaged your XP Partition's boot properties when renaming the drive a different driver letter.

You guys added a search feature that is everywhere…windows already had that, just not on most of the explorer windows. Reply David says: June 9, 2006 at 11:05 pm I noticed on the x64 link, my download size was only 13.7 meg. Please Help me. Here's a remedy, it may sound wieerd but it worked for me.

Yesterday's entry is called: Vista! The 2007 Office system offers improved text and graphic printing capabilities. I am running dual boot with XP Pro because I still fix other peoples computers and I have a couple items that drivers for Vista are not released yet. The only driver issue was with the SoundBlaster card.

I'm sorry you feel Vista doesn't offer anything for you but Vista does indeed offer many new features that are very important and impressive. Presumably, it gets a lot better with the TR release. It's a great way to communicate. Instead you end up explaining your difficulties over and over to different people.I am chalking it up to experience.

Gavin Powell is a computer consultant and a writer, with over 20 years of IT experience and over 10 titles to his credit. I am running on an old laptop, Dell 5150 brought in Jan 2004. Given what I know about the folks working on this amazing product, I'm not surprised to discover that they've taken the feedback to heart. Well, sort of: It works with Wordpress and Typepad, at least, but not Blogger (the new Blogger Beta is, however, supported).

These laptops were selling like hotcakes, last Thanksgiving and Christmas time. In ways it seems like Microsoft just took Windows XP and changed minor things. Please? navigate here You can use the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack to allow backward compatibility, so that previous versions of Office can open and save files in the new file format.

Error Code: 100 FuseTalk Standard Edition v4.0 - © 1999-2017 FuseTalk™ Inc. Joe developed his first application in Access, and then migrated into Visual Basic and Visual Basic .NET, where he specializes in creating applications for the Windows Mobile platform. Beginners will appreciate the thorough attention to database fundamentals and terminology.

Why fix it?

She has accumulated much of her application development experience working as lead developer for Database Creations. Reply Sidebar Geek says: June 13, 2006 at 3:18 am Like I said, post your question and issue in the newsgroups and I'm sure someone can help you try to resolve Just thought that Vista would have stayed separate from my other OS like normal! Vista ain’t fast and after ten minutes it decided to tell me it couldn’t find the network.

Many of his application and systems are distributed as freeware and careware. You can use the feedback form to share your opinions and let us know. But lack some nice features found in competitors, like: why is necessary to "click" for the mouse whell to work?. his comment is here I like calling it a bug, but perhaps it would be better to call it a flaw or an inconvenience.You are right that it said PSP 11.

But it is installed now and mostly works. More so than I am. The dialog box lists all the features that are affected, and enables the user to cancel the operation, continue with the save, or switch into compatibility mode. Terranova sojustask: Video: Vista Migration (4 Months Later) (Fri, 10 Aug 2007 15:36:07 GMT) QUOTE(cmunson @ 12:33pm Fri Jul 20 2007) [snapback]1396661[/snapback]https://pcpitstop.com/news/video/migrationupdate.aspI'm a new VISTA user and my experience with installing

I like the new taskbar a lot.  The changes are subtle and mostly aesthetic refinements but there a much better flow to the workspace when the quick launch and taskbar are Can't wait to get the final product!! It is a good start. Hopefully this will be much easier in final version.