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Any Way To Disable That "Click To Activate And Use This Control" For Flash Images?

However it can also be "cancelled" and in a rather simple way. Secondly, it gets around the nasty new multimedia impediment in Internet Explorer versions 6 and […] Reply Script-it.blog says: October 16, 2006 at 18:51 […] tegen. This is both a general description and a specific question. This is a medical website and due to "HIPPA" and other government regulation re confidentiality of patient information I am Read More Views 15 Votes 0 Answers 4 August 17, 2011

Show Ignored Content As Seen On Welcome to Tech Support Guy! Take a look at this example page. September 3. 2007 kl. 22:03 GMT | # Stephen replies: Hi, Thanks for this great script. Takk fyrir mig. https://forums.techguy.org/threads/any-way-to-disable-that-click-to-activate-and-use-this-control-for-flash-images.451292/

while (childNode = elm.childNodes[z++]) HTML += childNode[outerHTML]; // create a 'dummy' element dummy = doc.createElement('i'); // inject it next to `elm`, elm[parentNode].insertBefore(dummy, elm); // and turn it into an `elm` clone The links in the examples I used below used to work fine, but since the Windows Updates the "click to activate" message has now gone but the links no longer work!!!? No more than one email per week.

Reply Robert Nyman says: April 26, 2006 at 19:28 Markus, Thanks for sharing. I looked into your code and can't find anything wrong. And it also crashes my co-worker's IE7. Or maybe I've missed something?

can somebody sho Read More Views 6 Votes 0 Answers 1 August 17, 2011 Click to active and use this control I am trying to use javascript to remove the "click Duh. Not a lot I guess 😀 Reply Tanny O'Haley says: April 5, 2006 at 23:29 I use sFIR for headings. http://www.hmmm.ip3.co.uk/flash/ but these pantent wars in the US should be stopped since it affects the whole world.

the user can activate a control by pressing on it, without having to release the button. Therefore I recommend if you are using Flash for navigation, you ensure that you have an alternative way of navigating the site, e.g. I was checking it with like 10 Embedded videos in a page, and it seems the script handles up to 4-5 elements but the rest show the Click to Activate and Any way to disable that "Click to activate and use this control" for Flash images???

Reply Robert Nyman says: April 15, 2006 at 13:45 Brian, Ah! 🙂 If it hadn'tworked, it would've been very weird. news You can also embed 2 galleries on one HTML page, view the example here. I can say almost with certainty that, until the time of this publication, my solution is unique in the world. OllyDbg automatically adds the NOP instruction down the conditional jump not to alter the original structure of the library.

If Disable Script Debugging is disabled in IE (the checkbox is unchecked), the script workaround won't function either. Within Microsoft HTML Viewer Above find a resource located inside of Mshtml.dll.MUI. This is particularly frustrating when using Flash for navigation, as it means having to double click. December 6. 2007 kl. 13:04 GMT | # Mel B replies: I'm using Dreamweaver's "Insert-Interactive Image" to make my menu and I cannot get this to work.

As reference is to note that the IF/ELSE structure on the left is equivalent to the structure SWITCH / CASE right: In this routine, the execution starts at the top and Relative paths are relative to the HTML document that contains SimpleViewer. SwfObject 2. Apparently Microsoft has no intention (or may not) solve the legal problems)case EOLAS) short-term and the greatest example is the implementation of the activation in your browser, since the end of

I've now updated the entry above along with the public version of the code. A simple get-a-round to stop the message and the need for two clicks is to add a small JavaScript after the tag. Then create a file From my understanding of the MSDN article on this issue, it only affects things that require an Active X control, and flash banners do not unless they are doing something out

Thank you so much.

In response to Steve's comment: "Using script to launch Flash means we’re now relying on two dependencies before the page displays as intended… Partly for that reason I’d always avoided FlashObject You should replace the highlighted words with your own values. nvember > The Elegant, Unobtrusive Javascript Workaround for "Click to activate and use this control" ur: « Tiny Javascript to detect versions of Internet Explorer Nst: "Hver er Gu?" » Arar trigger the axblast(your_div_id); */ if (id == undefined) { return false; } // Rewrite code for IE browsers only // Get the object HTML from div if (document.all && document.all[''+id+'']) {

July 3. 2007 kl. 11:00 GMT | # chris replies: it seems that by not placing the "eolasfix.js" script file in the same directory as the html page, the workaround fails In the gallery options, set useCopyResized = true; 22. If you're new to Tech Support Guy, we highly recommend that you visit our Guide for New Members. Sébastien, Yes, I've heard that opinion from a lot of other people too; people feed up with crappy Flash-based web sites. 🙂 And yeah, I know about IE and application/xhtml+xml, but

December 13. 2006 kl. 10:21 GMT | # Marten replies: Mr, it wasn't supposed to work on other browsers (yet!) ;-) I got the code from Elisabeth Castro's article and used